There are numerous benefits of acupuncture, it is proven to be effective to improve on almost every long or short term problems and disease. It is especially effective for muscle problems, fertility and emotional distress. This is because the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) believes in internal organ functions and looks to tackle the visible and invisible imbalances of our body.

For example, our body is like a fully blown balloon. If we apply pressure to one side of the balloon, air inside the balloon will be forced to move to the other side and stretching the balloon. This is how blockage in our body forms, usually through our life style or environment. Once blockage is formed, it is like the balloon getting bigger and stretched on one side, or in other word swollen. For example one common reason for your back or neck pain is caused by nerves being pressed by the ‘invisible’ swell, because the Chi (air) is blocked somewhere inside our body, i.e. the problem area.

By applying acupuncture to the correct Acupoint, the blocked channel (meridians) will gradually open up through the stimulation from the acupoint.

A lot of you may have tried acupuncture before, and said it does not work for you. There are two main reasons for that:

1.     Acupuncture is a natural treatment, unlike chemically synthesised tablets you get form GP that target the symptoms and give you a quick fix. With Acupuncture because it’s natural, sometimes you will not see any result after a few sessions. The longer the problem you have the longer it will take an Acupuncturist to treat the problem. This is because the longer you leave your problem, the weaker your internal system or organs function weakens, therefore takes longer and hard to treat and recover.

2.     This is the most common misconception from patients. They often say that they have tried acupuncture and it didn’t work. Often this is because they tried 1 or 2 sessions as we explained in the previous point. However it is also very closely linked to the acupuncturist’s experience and what s/he diagnoses. Based on the diagnostics, the Acupoint s/he applies will dictates the treatment result. So seeing the right doctor who listens and has the relevant experience is utterly important in one’s treatment result.




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