What do our clients say


What do our clients say

Don't just take our word for it, here's what our clients say about our treatment and service:

Reason for treatment:
1. puffed/swollen ankles
2. bloating stomach
3. stress and depression
Result after one session:
1. swollen cam down 87%, back to normal after 2 days
2. Bloating left my stomach immediately after the treatment
3. deep relaxation during the treatment leading to elevating depress mood
— Iwona

I came in today with acidic indigestion and came out of feeling really relaxed.
The acid in my stomach has almost gone.
My head feels calm and my body relaxed.
— R. Groombridge

Suffering from depression, tiredness and migraine.
Acupuncture helps me release the pressure in my body especially from the head. I became more energetic and calmer.
— Camelia

I had lower back and shoulder pain. Tried Cupping, Acupuncture and Medical Massage.
Acupuncture worked wonder! Pain in my shoulder and lower back was much less in just one treatment.
Cupping relaxed my whole back muscles and massage relaxed me.
Great treatment and great service!
— Pat

Came in with really bad headache and 45mins later after acupuncture, completely gone!
— H. Simons

I have taken 10 sessions in acupuncture combined with medical massage over 9 weeks.
Acupuncture was to stop urine leak (post-operative outcome from surgery for prostate cancer).
Moxibustion was added on the fourth week.
Outcomes: Everything proved to work well. Acupuncture almost cured the condition (90%).
Medical massage helped muscular stiffness/lower back pain caused by imbalance and lack of exercise from the condition.
After the 3rd treatment I started experiencing improvement (significant), massage was combined with stretches.
I took different types of pills every day, e.g. Neuro-Muscular therapy, that in untreated condition would normally make me leak but this didn’t happen after treatment here!
I can thoroughly recommend all treatments!
— L. Colaco

I suffer from M.E. So I am very tried and I also had acid in my chest all the time, even though I do not eat greasy food. I was taking 2-3 tablets each day, but I wasn’t getting better.
Dr. Zhang said I had a sensitive gall bladder and treated me for that with acupuncture.
It is completely cured now. I don’t take the tablets now, so that has saved me a lot of money. I have a bit more energy but this is only my 6th treatment, so it is still early days.
I have a lot of trust in Dr. Zhang. It is a lovely Clinic!
— Victoria

Symptom: bad period pain, blood clots and light periods, very moody.
After taking the herbs she gives me, for only one week, my period pain had gone completely. There was no blood clots and my period had became heavier. Surprisingly I wasn’t so moody before and during my period.
I am very satisfied with my result in such a short time. I would continue my treatment here and consolidate my condition.
— Virginia

I had back pain over 4 years. This problem makes me very stressed and almost affects my normal activities. I have gone to my GP for many times for my back pain, but they cannot do anything for me I was really desperate with their service. However, it just took 3 sessions acupuncture and my back pain was released a lot. I was really happy with the result. Over a period of just one course treatment, my back pain almost disappeared. Now, I can live like normal, and work normally like before. So I am really grateful to Dr. Zhang for her good service and the treatment she gave me, which was extremely successful.
— Louis

I suffered a hayfever for more than 5 years, I have tried many medicines but the problem cannot be resolved. When I found this clinic and got an acupuncture and Chinese medicine, I feel much better. I love this clinic! Following Dr. Zhang’s nice treatment the hayfever is now gone. I love this TCM!
— Andrew

I have lumps on both of my breast. After one session of acupuncture, they are almost completely gone.
I had this problem for several years; it was hurting every now and then. I would definitely continue the treatment and recommend to you all!
— Jenny

More testimonials

More testimonials

More testimonials...

I have been attending this clinic for TCM treatment over the past month, receiving acupuncture and herbs. I originally came because I discovered that I had Alopecia (bold patch on my head). This is an auto-immune response and in western medicine there is no specific treatment apart from steroid or anti fungal creams, which do nothing to treat the cause, or even the sysmptoms.
After 4 weeks of acupuncture directly to the bold patches as well as elsewhere, hair growth is returning. Not only that, the questions in consultation are to determine the health of the WHOLE person.
Now my sleep is better, I do not wake up so early at night and so often. My appetite and digestion have improved and also my bowel movements. The changes are gradual and subtle but the results are happening.
I found that Dr. Zhang are truly very kind and caring in their wish to treat the person as best she can and as wholistically as possible. Her kindness and her openness of heart, her mindful awareness of you as a whole being with problem which are totally interconnected, her generosity sprit, and her motivation and intention to treat the causes and symptoms as best she can is truly ALTRUISTIC and wonderful!
I feel that because of Dr. Zhang’s skill in her field and in her heartfelt need to treat you the best she can, makes any treatment she gives EVEN MORE EFFECTIVE.
The HEART and MIND shine out of Dr. Zhang, and she is deeply deeply passionate and curious and highly intelligent in her approach of the treatment. I think, fell and know that I have found a VERY SPECIAL clinic here in the heart of Whitton. I have never had such an experience at a TCM clinic before and that is entirely down to Dr. Zhang.
Thanks to you!
— Marisol K

I want to say that the herbal tea that I have been taking for inflamed gums after my ‘dead’ tooth cracked through eating about 3 weeks ago have worked well.
Gums are not itchy, swelling came down and there is a sense of cleanliness inside the tooth.
The herbs were for inflamed gums.
Thanks to this SOS treatment, I did not need to hurry to see the dentist.
— Jenny M

Over a period of just 9 sessions, the varies issues I came to see Dr. Zhang about have been resolved. I have also found her kindness to be immerse, nothing has been too much trouble for her.
I had mainly acupuncture but also some herbs. I consider her treatment have been very successful for me.
With Thanks!
— P. Heyler

I had IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrom), also shoulders/neck and back problems. I had Acupuncture and Moxibustion therapy at RRC. After a few session, I had calmer bowels, all IBS symptoms subsided!
I feel relaxed, calmer and wonderful!
Such lovely, friendly and warm staff.
Thank you! :)
— J. Campbell

I came for wholistic wellbeing and maintenance. I had medical massage, moxibustion and cupping.
I firmly believe this is the place for Chinese Medicine in due to the way they look at us as whole person. She is amazing!
— Diane

I couldn’t shower or walk and cook or dress myself from the back pain and 2 slide discs. But just having one session I start coming here, I could tell the difference I was walking straight and doing a bit shopping.
Next day having a shower I did not feel any pain that used to make my right foot go numb. Everything was much much better. Acupuncture does work!
After the second session, I feel even better!! Sharp pain had gone. I could bend down easily. Thanks to Dr. Zhang!
— Patsy

This lady works magic!
Knee pain – gone!
Back pain – gone!
— didn't leave a name

1 Week and pregnant immediately!
Thank you ☺
— didn't leave a name