Allergy Test

The allergy analysis safely and effectively determines which specific substances are triggering your allergy related symptoms. The test analyses about four hundred substances in order to identify the cause of allergic reaction. The practical accuracy lies between 85% - 99.9%.

Taking the test is very simple, all we need from you is a small strand of hair. Ring us or pop in for further information. 

What does the test cover?


The Allergy Tests includes over hundreds of different food and non-food items & substances and below are just few examples:

  • Foods  

  • Yeasts          

  • Food Additives                     

  • House Dust Mites                

  • Tree, Grass & Flower Pollen     

  • Animal fur, Feathers 

  • Moulds 

  • Household Chemicals 

  • Environmental Chemicals 

  • Candida & Parasite check 

  • Mercury / Amalgam toxicity 

  • Vitamin / Mineral insufficiency 

Recommended Treatment

We use Acupuncture and herbal medicine to treat allergies and it has proven effective.

Sometimes we develop allergy when we move to a new place or start a new habit, not all allergies were biological, in most cases they are developed. The TCM theory believes that allergies occur when our body is imbalance. If we are perfectly healthy, then we wouldn't develop allergy.

For example, the TCM believes that hay fever in many cases are caused by weakened lung function. This is a very general explanation. For a more individualised and programmed treatment please consult with our doctor either before or after taking the allergy test.