Today I want to talk about Money and Health.

Many of our new patients come in and without much understanding of what we do, they often ask us to either give guarantee or give them a definitive number of treatments before start the treatment at our clinics. 

My response usually is, we DO NOT guarantee anything. Just like going to GP, they cannot guarantee you anything, and nor can any other doctors. We are all different and have complicated conditions, and based on that the treatment we give will be different for each individual.

We understand that money is an important factor to consider but ask yourself, are you spending your money in the right place? Isn't your health your number 1 priority in life, without a healthy body, you cannot enjoy life. If keep going to GP and getting synthesised pills do not help you then STOP. Find the right help and get the right treatment!

P.S. I'm not saying that GPs are not good, but for more chronicle problems TCM is the most natural and effective way to improve your health.